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4 methods of removing pet hair from carpets
October 29, 2020



If there is something all the experts agree on since the beginning of the health crisis due to the
COVID-19, it is that textiles are not the main focus of risk for the transmission of the
coronavirus, the porosity of the fibers makes the virus to be sequestered and does not
facilitate its recovery. Although there are still no conclusive studies, the virus cannot remain
active for a long time in the tissues, and what is more important, it is very difficult to rescue it
and activate it by contact with those tissues.

Hoaxes and fake news run through the nets like gunpowder, ideas such as having to wash
clothes at 90ºC or washing all clothes with bleach, etc. So what should we do with our clothes?
In the normal daily use the logical thing is to continue washing them in the washing machine as
we have been doing until now, if we go out and we are in contact with possible infection
sources it is advisable to wash them at about 50ºC, and in the case of clothes or bedding that
have been in contact with an infected person as a precaution if it would be good to wash the
sheets with fabric bleach in the normal proportion recommended by the manufacturer, for
other clothes that do not support the bleach the detergents with active oxygen are also
effective, as well as textile disinfectants that we can find in the supermarket and their
effectiveness has also been demonstrated. As a precaution, it is advisable not to shake or
shake these clothes, move them as little as possible and take them to be washed, using the
recommended gloves and mask.

What do we do with carpets and rugs in the face of coronavirus?

Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed regularly for maintenance, if we have a vacuum cleaner
with a HEPA filter much better, as they are very high density filters designed to prevent
particles from being sent into the air, which is also highly recommended against mites, pollen
and other allergens.

If the carpet is dirty or we have had someone infected at home, it should be sent to be cleaned
by professionals, who will pick it up at home and return it clean and disinfected. In industrial
systems, detergents and disinfectants circulate throughout the fabric, dragging the particles
and leaving the disinfectants to act with the stipulated times for their effectiveness.

Is office carpet a source of infection?

No, like any other fabric it is not considered a focus of risk of infection. Just like carpets, they
should have regular vacuuming maintenance and be washed and disinfected by professionals
at least once or twice a year.

Contrary to what has been said on many occasions, in environments where there are carpets
the air is usually more free of particles, mites, etc. than in places with hard floors where
particles are released more easily by the movement of people or air currents; however, the
carpet must be properly vacuumed and cared for.

Cleaning Duvets, Blankets and Curtains

If we do not have a washing machine at home to be able to wash these items thoroughly, we
should also ask specialized companies to pick them up and thus ensure good cleaning and
disinfection when necessary.

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